Using your solution with FileMaker Go

Adding mobile device support to your solution opens up some incredible, and innovative, possibilities. The improved features of FileMaker Go 14 make it easier than ever to take advantage of the unique features of an iOS device.

  • Signature capture
  • Take photos and video
  • Native barcode scanning support
  • Geo-location
  • Video and Audio playback
  • Rich text editing

We have helped add FileMaker Go functionality to solutions for a variety of our clients. Here are just a few of the uses for your database on a mobile device

  • Allow mobile service staff to view and capture job information while on-site
  • Prepare quotes using current information and email them directly to a customer
  • Turn an iPad Mini into a portable point of sale terminal for showroom staff
  • Perform a stocktake directly into your solution and update stock levels instantly
  • Use your product records to create an iPad catalogue that is always up to date
  • Replace paper forms and double entry with interactive forms that instantly populate your solution

Talk to us about ways that your solution can become more mobile.

Your solution can be accessed from a server using Wi-Fi or mobile internet, or we can build in offline syncing functionality.

Custom iOS App Development

Despite there being hundreds of thousands of apps in the app store it can often be impossible to find an app the works perfectly for your business. Having a custom app developed is often not a practical alternative, especially if you want something for a single project. FileMaker Go 14 allows us to create powerful custom solutions for iOS devices. A solution designed for FileMaker Go gives you the power of the FileMaker database engine and can be developed and deployed rapidly.