What is bespoke development?

The simple definition of bespoke is ‘made to order’. It is a term that originated in the clothing industry, but applies equally well to database development. What it means for our clients is that every database that we create is designed to work for that client.

We do not use template files to create solutions because we find that more time is spent building around the template than it would take to start with a fresh file.

Our bespoke approach means that we come to you prepared to listen. Our clients know how their businesses run; it is our job to create a solution that makes it easier.

Existing FileMaker solution

Data Creations is happy to work on solutions that have been built in-house or by other developers. With years of experience we can very quickly make sense of even the messiest of databases and fix any problems you may be experiencing. Our full understanding of the FileMaker product range enables us to add in features that may be beyond the skill set of another developer.