Data Creations Australia is born from a desire to ensure computer users gain the maximum benefit from their computer systems. The managing director of Data Creations Australia, Marc Dolley, began building databases in 1981 while working at Griffith University. His introduction to databases began with an Apple II computer when he adapted a small address book application to simplify monthly stock takes for the university’s catering service. He then progressed to an IBM PC and, using dBase (versions I through IV), automated numerous systems in the university including the academic dress hire service and child care services.

Our Experience

Building database systems since 1981
Our experience helps us identify the individual needs of each client.
No two clients are the same, even in the same industry.
Empathy with the goals of our clients
We build solutions that work the way your business works. We don’t expect our clients to adapt their business practices to fit a template.
Focus on productivity
Our solutions are designed to make your business more efficient and more profitable by making your people more productive.
Bespoke solutions across all business sectors and industries
Government, small and medium businesses, corporate clients, religious organisations and education from kindergarten through to university.
Local and International clients
Data Creations Australia service the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas in person, and the rest of the world electronically. We have experience developing solutions remotely for overseas clients.
Extensive experience with the FileMaker product family
Data Creations Australia has been working with FileMaker since version 3. We can offer you a solution that takes advantage of the full FileMaker range; desktop, mobile and even web.

Data Creations Australia’s focus is on improving the efficiency of your organisation and therefore does not sell hardware, although we will happily arrange it. With experience in office automation dating back to 1981 and almost the same amount of experience in Apple and Windows hardware and software, including more than eight years in technical support and management roles, the advice we provide is backed by an unsurpassed knowledge.

FileMaker 12 Certified